Buying a boat

When you’re investing in a boat it’s natural to worry about its condition and whether it is a ‘good buy’. You’ll want it to look good but, even more importantly, you’ll want it to work for you. This is especially important if your vessel will be available for charter or involved in commercial work. And if it’s a particularly ‘interesting’ boat you’ll want to understand just what you’re taking on.

The delight of getting it right

Purchase of your vessel should be a pleasurable experience, especially when the vessel in question is a leisure craft.  As you approach your boat and take it out on to the water, you need to be confident that it is sound and fit for purpose, as well as looking trim.  Owning a boat should lift your spirits, not continually empty your wallet!

The risks of getting it wrong

As with any other purchase, sometimes the heart gets in the way of the head and, if you’re new to boat ownership, the chances are you may not know what to look out for. Fixing problems can be very expensive indeed so it’s as well to factor in any such additional expense before you commit to the purchase. Having an impartial expert on hand can help you negotiate the right price or simply give you confidence to walk away from the deal. The perfect boat is probably impossible to find but being aware of any defects before you buy is crucial.

If you intend to use your vessel for charter or other commercial use, it’s especially important to understand its condition, any certification requirements and the economic impact of fixing defects and regular maintenance.  If you don’t, you could find yourself unable to operate.

It’s personal to you

Your situation is unique to you – your needs, your wish list and your budget won’t be quite the same as anyone else’s.  We’ll take time to get to know you and what you want from your vessel and will provide a detailed and confidential condition report, with guidance on an appropriate price where applicable.


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