MCA coded vessels – The workboat code

More recently, the workboat and pilotage industry sectors have sought a set of standards that would be recognised by overseas maritime authorities as providing better for safety in the heavy operations involved in those sectors.  An industry-led group worked with the MCA to develop a new set of technical standards, which was first published in 2014 but remains under development:

• The Workboat Code – Industry Working Group Technical Standard 2014.


If you are operating your vessel commercially, or are considering providing commercial services (e.g. chartering) with your leisure vessel, Blabey Engineering Limited can help you interpret the regulations and find the right MCA Code of Practice to suit your operation. I have extensive experience in overseeing the design, build and operation of a wide range of vessels in compliance with the Codes, and have – throughout some 18 years – contributed to the work of the MCA and industry groups to devise and update them.





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