IMCA Inspections

Commercial Work for Marine Civil Engineering Contractors – IMCA Inspections

Many marine contracting companies, especially those working in the offshore oil and gas or wind energy sectors, require special inspections of contracted vessels.   These inspections ensure compliance with appropriate ship certification standards (such as Class or MCA Code), employee/crew and passenger safety (under the IMO Maritime Labour Convention) and demonstrable best practice for safe and effective vessel operations.

This verification is undertaken through the International Marine Contractors’ Association (IMCA) system of inspections.


The Director of Blabey Engineering Limited is an Authorised Vessel Inspector approved to undertake IMCA Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) and Marine Inspections for Small Workboats (MISW) examinations and reports.   We are authorised to report on IMCA’s on-line eCMID system ensuring efficient reporting and prompt availability of electronic reports to vessel operators and – importantly – your clients.

All IMCA inspections undertaken by Blabey Engineering Limited are audited by MECAL Limited, to ensure that the quality of inspection and reporting meets ISO9001 quality certification standards.

To book your IMCA CMID or MISW inspection, please contact Blabey Engineering Limited.


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