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Many businesses manage their engineering teams day to day very successfully and with little fuss – which is absolutely as it should be. Sometimes, however, businesses can see opportunities for development or be overtaken by events. These can include corporate expansion, loss of key personnel or perhaps regulatory change, which interrupt the normal smooth running of the department. At such times an experienced and objective view can help you find a way back to that smooth running norm and minimise disruption to your business.
With a background of developing marine engineering departments ashore and at sea, and with involvement in formulating marine regulation, Alan has met and dealt with a wide range of scenarios and can provide consultancy support to help you and your business get back on track. Here are just a few examples:

Training and manning requirements
The world of marine engineering is subject not only to changes in engineering best practice and systems of safe working but also to new marine legislation and regulation. Getting to grips with the changes and their impact can be daunting if your day to day role takes up all your available time. Or you may have a pretty good handle on the changes but need some guidance or interpretation of the rules as they apply to your circumstances and your workforce. Either way we can provide as much or as little help as you need.

Career development and succession planning
This has long been one of Alan’s passions and there is little more satisfying than spotting the potential in someone and helping them develop professionally to realise that potential. It benefits the individual but crucially also benefits the organisation, not only in having a well-trained and professionally competent workforce but also in gaining a reputation as a great place to work and develop.

In the natural course of events people move up, move on or retire and this can leave businesses with an uncomfortable gap in their manning or expertise. Bringing new blood in from outside can be hugely beneficial in some circumstances but growing your own successors can also have massive advantages, particularly in terms of what you offer your people and what they can offer your business. Talk to us about your company’s ambitions or concerns and we’ll help you develop a plan for the future of your engineering team.

Organisational change
Constant change has almost become a way of life, whether triggered by business opportunities, political upheaval or the need to achieve economies of scale. While people can usually appreciate the need for change, how best to achieve it while maintaining business performance and meeting your customers’ needs is altogether more tricky. An external objective view can highlight your strengths and maybe show you some new routes to success that you hadn’t yet spotted. It can also help you work through the detail to get you and your teams where you need to be to meet the changing demands on your business. We can do as little or as much as you choose.

Just give us a call to chat things through and we can take it from there.

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