Design, Build and Refit management

Design and Build

Having a vessel built is a major undertaking and a serious financial commitment so you need to be sure that your budget is realistic, the design is right and the build is to the appropriate standards and timescale. Your new vessel needs to serve you for a long time.

Drafting the design specification, identifying appropriate terms and conditions for the contract and running the tender for build are highly specialised areas. Getting them right at outset will save time and expense in the long run – having to make changes when the vessel is under construction is both frustrating for all concerned and expensive for you, the client.


With our extensive experience of innovative vessel conception, design and build Blabey Engineering can help you:

  • Decide the operational requirements for your vessel
  • Create the vessel design concept
  • Formulate the budget
  • Find a designer – if you need a vessel design that isn’t readily available
  • Propose terms and conditions of contract that protect your interests, not just those of the shipyard
  • Produce the detailed specification for your vessel
  • Draft the tender for build in accordance with any regulations
  • Select the best shipyard for your build from the tender responses
  • Supervise the build – working with you or under your authority
  • Monitor trials and accept the vessel on your behalf

At all times you are in the driving seat but have the security of an experienced professional working alongside you.

Refit management

Refits are a necessary part of operating a vessel – keeping it safe, reliable and fit for purpose.   At the same time you’ll want to minimise the time your vessel is out of service so careful planning beforehand is crucial.  Project managing the refit work is specialised and can be very time consuming, especially if the work is being done at a distance from your base.


Working with you or under your authority we can take on the planning, project management and recertification, where required, to allow you to concentrate on your normal business activity.

Contact us to discuss how we can best support you.